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Why must I be the only one to say good things?
          Because good things are hard for me to say,
          they're harder to come by,
          but you'd never understand
Why must I feel like I'm forcing you to be positive?
          Maybe it's because you are,
          I'm not a happy person, Jake,
          but at least I thought I was trying for you.
Why am I the only one who seems to try to cheer the other one up?
          I thought I had been trying,
          That I would try to hide my disappointment to get you to be happy,
          I guess I wasn't trying hard enough.
Why must you walk away when I'm feeling down?
          Because walking away is the only thing I know how to do,
          I don't know how to be cared for or care for others,
          to have someone who loves me comfort me, so I walk away.
Why must every joke be made against me?
          They're not suppose to be,
          I'm really trying to stop teasing so much,
          But I'm so bad at all of this that I just can't help it.
Why can't you give me you honest opinion?
          Because you hardly give me your.
          Plus less honest opinions are easier to deal with,
          Less painful.
Why must I write this to express my feelings?
          It was your choice,
          and I guess you write it because you'll never say it,
          that's just how it is.
What so I feel so insecure?
          Why are you asking me?
          This is not a question I can answer,
          Only you can.
Why do I feel like you're drifting away?
          Because I'm a mess, a problem,
          I'm bad at making happy times,
          so sometimes we drift, I'll be better though.
Why must all you're poetry be negative?
          Incorrect, not all of it is negative.
          The sadder things are just easier to express
          and all my happy poems seem so overused and unoriginal.
Why must the world leave you with regrets?
          Because I see the glass half empty
          It doesn't have to, I just see it like that.
          But the world gave me you, and you're not a regret.
Why must the world be so hard?
          To test us, challenge us.
          You say we just need to get through this,
          but no one ever said it would be this hard.
Why do I feel like I have to work so hard for you to express your love?
          Probably because you do.
          I thought I was getting better,
          but I'm still scarred and marred from the past, so it's hard.
Why do I love you?
          I don't know,
          You probably shouldn't, it's not healthy.
          But I'm so glad you do.
This answer I know; It's because I cannot live without you.
          I'll probably never understand this.
          You shouldn't need someone who's so broken.

          But I'll always need you too.
Last one for tonight.

A collaborative poem between my boyfriend and I after a fight. He wrote me this long chain of "why's" and to his surprise I wrote a little response to each of them. That storm has passed, but I still really like this and think although some parts are a little gloomy, some parts are sweet.

Hope you enjoy
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andiabstractdreamer Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
awwwww u had a fite?? did u make up?? ? :)
alanat Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
haha yea. It was more one of those things where I was just having a bad day and it meant that I was just being really negative and he was upset that he couldn't help me out of it. But everything is all better now and we're perfectly happy :)
andiabstractdreamer Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
:phew: awesomeness!!!! ^^
alanat Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
andiabstractdreamer Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
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